Trump Says U.S. States Don’t Need the Amount of Ventilators They Requested – Newsweek

President Donald Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday evening that he believes that the coronavirus battle will not require the number of medical equipment pieces that have been requested by some states. Trump has been the subject of criticism o… [+2798 6’L,]

South Africa Nearing 1,000 Coronavirus Cases, As Country Goes Into Lockdown : Coronavirus Live Updates – NPR

A South African soldier enforces the lockdown order in downtown Johannesburg on Friday. Jerome Delay/AP South Africa started a three-week nationwide lockdown on Friday as the country reported its first deaths from COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases … [+2448 6’L,]

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Delay Megxit Amid Prince Charles Health Concerns? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Prince Harry and Meghan Markles exit from the royal family becomes official in a few days. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are scheduled to step down as active members of the royal family on March 31. But Prince Charles’ recent contraction of the Coronavirus m… [+5582 6’L,]

Mass Bleaching Hits Great Barrier Reef Again: Like Watching Louvre ‘Burn To The Ground’ – HuffPost

SYDNEY Australia’s landmark Great Barrier Reef is undergoing dramatic levels of coral bleaching for the third time since 2016, spurred by record heat that has left scientists lamenting one of the world’s crown jewels is drying en masse yet again.  “Australia… [+3089 Jack\’s blowjob lessons ]

Dow futures point to opening drop after capping off massive 3-day rally – msnNOW

Two of the largest private labs in the U.S. will collectively be able to process more than 300,000 COVID-19 tests by the end of the week, their CEOs say.  LabCorp CEO Adam Schechter told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday the company is processing around 20,000 … [+1460 Jack\’s blowjob lessons ]

As coronavirus cases spike worldwide, China is closing itself off – CNN

Hong Kong (CNN)China is closing its border to most foreigners amid fears of imported novel coronavirus cases causing a second outbreak in the country where the infection was first detected. In a statement late Thursday, the government said that “in view of … [+3828 Jack\’s blowjob lessons ]

A New York City nurse dies from the coronavirus. Angry co-workers blame a lack of protective gear. –

Kious Kelly, a nurse manager at a Manhattan hospital, texted his sister on March 18 with some devastating news: He had tested positive for the coronavirus and was on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. He told her he could text but not talk. Im okay. Do… [+4988 Jack\’s blowjob lessons ]

How US governors are fighting coronavirus – and Donald Trump – The Guardian

Americas state governors have found themselves under an intense national spotlight in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The additional scrutiny has also highlighted an evolving dynamic between these chief executives who operate the countrys states and a … [+6646 Kobe Bryant\’s Daughter Gianna, Dies Helicopter Crash at 13]